An easy-to-use payment terminal for beauty salon

Hair and beauty service providers are in a specific line of business because they do so much more than selling. They offer specialised personalised services, so they need a complete POS solution for making their business as simple as possible while providing the best customer experience throughout.

Do you need a POS terminal as a beauty service provider?

Due to high transaction costs for card payments or the nature of their work, a lot of hairdressers, beauticians, manicurists and make-up artists only accept cash payments. Convenient portable devices such as smart POS terminals are perfect solutions for those in the beauty industry who want to expand their business by offering more payment methods.

Elly POS is one of the best terminals of this kind. It enables you to accept cards, digital payments or cryptocurrencies, and as a beauty salon POS system, it offers you all the mobility you need for well-organized work and effective performance. Elly POS is also highly convenient if you provide services at your customers’ homes or specific events, such as weddings, photo shoots, etc.

What can Elly POS offer you as a beauty salon POS system?

  • An extension of payment methods. You can still do business with cash, but also accept cards, digital payments or cryptocurrencies.
  • Flexibility and mobility. Elly POS is a small handy device that you can easily take everywhere with you.
  •  Handy business overview. Monitor your payments and payouts through the free merchant dashboard called Elly Manager. Elly Manager is accessible through any device you already own (phones, tablets or computers).
  • Receipt printing. Elly POS has a built-in printing device for your convenience.
  • Staying on top of your performance. As a smart POS, Elly POS lets you filter your transactions, check their details, track their statistics and easily export them for your taxes and accounting.

Which POS for beauty salon should you choose?

There are a lot of POS solutions on the market. Beauty services require a POS terminal that is practical; this means being handy and portable, offering competitive fees and helping you organize the business and finance aspects of your work so that you do less, not more.

Elly POS not only offers a lot of different payment methods, but also simplifies your payment process by guiding you step by step with all of them. It offers the perfect platform for tracking your sales performance, and its transaction fees are among the lowest on the market.

Would you like to find out more about the advantages of Elly POS for your business? Contact us for a quote tailored to your company needs!