Yes, you can! GoCrypto is an upgrade of Elipay for merchants. In the next few months, all Elipay locations will become GoCrypto spots.

Great news: nothing changes for you as a buyer – just use the Elly app as usual!

There is no difference between shopping at the Elly or GoCrypto location. GoCrypto is present in a number of countries (now, you can find us in Slovenia and Croatia).

GoCrypto is an upgrade of Elipay for merchants. It offers even better functionalities. With Elly, you can shop at both Elipay and GoCrypto locations and the process is exactly the same.

Today, the process of getting and handling cryptocurrencies is very complicated for most people, and only a few shops and services accept them. We want to change that and make the world … GoCrypto.

Our solutions show that crypto can be one of the simplest and fastest payment options out there. One of them is GoCrypto – a simple system that aims to bring the use of different crypto wallets to your nearest store!

Crypto or cryptocurrency is a next-generation digital currency. You can use it just like electronic or ‘physical’ money, for example to shop at online and local shops or to pay for services. 

Some of the most well-known cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, various tokens, etc. They differ in a variety of ways, but paying with and accepting them is exactly the same when you use Elly.

Just like you store physical money in physical wallets, cryptocurrencies are kept in crypto wallets. A crypto wallet is very similar to an electronic bank account. Cryptocurrency is locked in there and can only be accessed with the right password (key). After opening your wallet, you can send the funds from it to other wallets, e.g. to a friend or use them as payment. A crypto wallet can also receive transfers; you just need to give the sender its “number” (address).

GoCrypto accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether and ELI currencies as well as the Euro Token voucher. However, the process of payment is exactly the same in all cases.

GoCrypto is an infrastructure for accepting instant direct crypto payments from Elly and other crypto wallets.