Why Are Portable Payment Devices Taking Over U.K. Markets?

Elly Team
June 16, 2021

Why Are Portable Payment Devices Taking Over U.K. Markets?

Card payments are gradually overtaking cash-oriented methods, and businesses need to take steps to accommodate cashless and mobile transactions. Portable payment devices are a novelty with a far-fetching impact when it comes to transitioning to cash-free.  

These machines accept payments from smart payment cards and e-wallets via wireless Internet. More so, portable devices avoid the need for a stationary register and thus, streamline your business operations. Below, we’ll consider and compare various tools and explore how companies can benefit from them.

What Is A Portable Payment Device?

Portable payment devices are wireless, handheld machines you can carry around your bar, salon, restaurant, or boutique. Since you only need Wi-Fi to take fast and secure transactions, your business will soon experience a digital transformation.

Unlike traditional terminals, you can process various payments on the go. Most portable devices accept Chip and PIN and contactless card payments from providers such as Visa and digital wallets like Google Pay. Plus, you can rely on long-hour battery life and say goodbye to plug sockets and cables.

Various Transactions Supported By Portable Payment Devices

Whether you’re running a brick-and-mortar or online store, mobile payments offer customers a seamless purchasing process. Let’s take a look at the most convenient options to accept and send cashless payments.

Online And In-App Mobile Transactions

Digital businesses can use PP devices to allow users to make card-not-present purchases using a smartphone or tablet. Buyers need to visit the store app or website and add the products or services they want to the shopping cart. Once they enter the payment details into the checkout form, you’ll get the confirmation on your portable device.

Mobile And Wireless Credit Card Readers

Businesses can transform cell phones or tablets into POS systems by investing in credit card readers. Such add-ons accept on-the-spot transfers and pair with phones and tablets. Mobile readers can also fit into headphone jacks and allow clients to swipe, tap, or dip credit cards.

Another alternative for accepting mobile payments is a wireless terminal. Unlike traditional credit card terminals, these require a Wi-Fi network to take payments at various locations. More so, businesses can use a smartphone to access the virtual terminal app and enter credit card or ACH information.

Contactless Mobile Payments And Digital Wallets

Advanced technologies enable shoppers and businesses to execute transactions without physically swiping or tapping cards. One wave with a mobile device over a contactless reader that receives the relevant payment data is enough.

Besides Bluetooth, contactless payments run through near-field communication (NFC). To this end, information transfers require closer proximity and offer enhanced security benefits. NFC is what powers mobile wallets, such as Google, Apple, and Samsung Pay.

The Right PP Device For Your Business

When shopping for the most convenient mobile POS, it’s vital to consider a few aspects. Look for a secure device that is reasonably priced and easy to use.

Security: Secure portable payment devices must be PCI compliant and take encrypted payments, including chip cards and NFC payments.

Affordability: It’s crucial to procure an affordable POS terminal with lower or no monthly expenses and hidden fees. Many providers charge extra for each transaction besides hardware and installation costs.

Simplicity: A POS system with an intuitive interface will help your business run fast and error-free. The ideal device should enable straightforward use so your employees can get trained quickly.

Which U.K. Sectors Can Benefit The Most?

With shoppers relying on contactless payments like never before, a mobile card machine is paramount. Portable payment devices are the perfect solution for businesses who prefer flexibility and prioritize their customers, including:

  • Cafes, bars, and restaurants. Owning a wireless device to execute transactions will help you turn tables fast with no friction. Plus, you don’t need wires and cables near fire and ice cocktails. The gadget will do everything on its own, such as complex maths and splitting bills.  
  • Beauty salons and hairdressers. These companies can take the pampering experience for their clients to another level. By moving the card machine around the salon, customers won’t have to queue but enjoy their beautifying treatment to the fullest.
  • On-the-go businesses. Portable payment devices are ideal for food trucks, landscape architects, plumbers, electricians, farmers markets, movers, and artisans at craft fairs.

Why Should You Rely On A Portable Payment Device?

Portable payment machines require no extra work since each transaction status with the card issuer occurs in real-time. Most smart card readers support small amounts and drop additional fees for your business and customers.

In today’s cashless society, your business will avoid losing profit by rejecting payment from customers who don’t carry cash. A PPD is essential, especially if you’re far from an ATM. More so, you can accept payments at any location with a connection. Whether you’re in the store or on the go, wireless credit card machines enable fast and secure transactions.  

Portable payment devices accept credit cards, including Amex, MasterCard and Visa, and major debit cards. Companies can keep within budget due to the lack of setup costs and low monthly rental and transaction rates.

Finally, keeping your business accounts in order is crucial. Since the system records all transactions, it ensures accurate figures and risk management. Plus, you can avoid the risk of handling significant amounts of cash on-site or off-site.

Elly Helps U.K. Businesses Transition Smoothly

Elly offers intelligent solutions that will benefit your business. We believe that both small and large-scale companies should have access to affordable, easy-to-use payment devices. To do so, Elly has gone one step further than everybody else and engineered a POS system for cards, crypto, and other digital payments.  

The power of embracing cashless through portable payment devices gives way to inexpensive and safe money transfers in the U.K. Whether you’re a street food vendor, a beauty salon owner, or an online store, Elly has a payment solution that will benefit your business.  

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