The Best POS System For Small Retail Store Is Called Elly POS

Elly Team
January 5, 2022

Even though small retail businesses don't have the sales and earnings that could compete with wholesalers, they still need the same business tools that big ones have. In this, the POS system can play an important role.

Smart POS Is The Future!

Small businesses must be very flexible and always on the lookout for novelties if they want to compete with larger companies. However, the small size of your company can be a huge advantage that allows you to try all the novelties faster and at lower costs. One of them is Elly POS, a smart portable POS device that lets you accept many types of payments: credit or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners, UnionPay International and JCB), cryptocurrencies (through the GoCrypto system) and digital payments.

The device may be small in size, but is big on the options that it gives you. It is highly practical to use not only at retail shops, but also at restaurants, bars, coffee shops, beauty and hair salons, maintenance services and many other small businesses. Offering customer-friendly payment methods and a smooth shopping experience, Elly POS can be a great asset in your day-to-day business.

What Is The Best POS System For Small Retail Store?

Elly POS has numerous advantages, e.g. low transaction fees, many payment methods, flexibility, mobility, and business software that lets you view and analyse your transaction data. For this reason, it can certainly compete for the title of best POS system for small retail store. It is a simple, secure and user-friendly system that makes the checkout process instant, helping you build customer loyalty. Many of the payment methods offered are contactless, which is the recommended way to pay today.

Elly POS also comes with Elly Manager – a free dashboard where you can view all your payments and payouts, filter them in various ways, and easily export the data for taxes and accounting. Elly Manager can be viewed on your computer, tablet or phone.

Still Looking For The Best Payment Solutions For Small Business?

Look no more! Elly POS is one of the best payment solutions for small business with some of the lowest transaction fees on the market. A smart device means that the technology works for you, not the other way around: regardless of the payment method, it guides you through every step of the payment process, so it is extremely user-friendly for your staff. In case of any questions, a dedicated support team is at your disposal and always happy to hear from you.


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