Smart POS On Android Makes Your Payments Quick And Easy

Elly Team
February 14, 2022

Due to increased consumerism, companies of all sizes constantly struggle to gain a larger market share. Hence, an ever-growing number of retailers are upgrading to robust and all-in-one payment solutions. They introduce the latest transaction processing technology, including POS terminals that go beyond charging customers.

Consumers expect seamless checkouts, from picking up items to executing payments at the cashier. Smart POS Android brings users the ultimate experience through a compact portable device. Besides being fast and efficient, advanced POS systems preserve the environment and print only when ordered. 

This article underpins the importance of the new generation of Android POS terminals for business. It also reveals the upsides of incorporating state-of-art technologies that ensure high-speed and secure transactions. 

What Is Smart POS?

A smart point of sale or POS terminal is a portable handheld device merchants use to accept payments. Besides being a card terminal, this tool has many added functionalities that enhance business operations.

Smart POS Android devices feature a touchscreen and work like smartphones. Buyers can use their cards to pay by dipping, tapping, or swiping. Advanced payment systems also have built-in cameras for scanning barcodes and sending electronic receipts. In addition, the device allows various apps to get installed. 

In essence, novel POS terminals are appealing because they accept various payment methods. Merchants can run the entire business through a single device. Plus, they can link the software with customer and staff management systems for a streamlined workflow.

Smart POS Android Vs. IOS

Android and Apple POS run a neck-and-neck race. Therefore, you can’t go wrong regardless of what you select for your store. Still, one option will always prevail depending on the business type and needs. 

Generally, Android software is a less hefty alternative if your budget is tight. It is also a more reliable and all-inclusive solution. Conversely, iOS POS has a high-performance score and security. Overall, if you prefer customisation and lateral concepts, go for Android POS.

Which Industries Are Using Smart POS In 2022?

According to the Europe POS Terminal Market study, a few sectors have introduced point-of-sale systems and heavily rely on them. In addition, the outlook for sales volume and market share is even more promising. Based on the current application, the use of smart POS Android has seen a significant rise in the following industries:

  • Retail,
  • Healthcare,
  • Hospitality
  • Transport,
  • Sports, 
  • Entertainment.

The Advantages Of Smart POS Systems

Digitalising the cash register could only mean one thing – upgrading and developing business operations. As a result, retailers today can do more than sell items in stores. Here are some benefits merchants witness in their course of work:

Superior Efficiency

Smart POS Android is a mobile smartphone-like device with a familiar user interface. Thanks to the Android-based operating system, the terminal is convenient and allows various apps to run simultaneously. There’s no need for a separate phone, as you can manage multiple processes, including delivery, payments, and inventory on a single POS. 

Enhanced User Experience

Developers are constantly improving the sleek, stylish appearance and functionality of POS terminals. Due to the all-encompassing nature, smart POS Android devices render a unique user experience. The swiping machine can incorporate different apps, produce printable receipts, and connect to an inbuilt printer. 

Moreover, stores can go fully touchless and issue digital receipts to customers via SMS. Users have a large display available, whereas the in-built camera enables barcode scanning. In a word, staff has everything they need in one aesthetic device.

Extended Battery Life

The ultimate goal of POS providers is to ensure clients face no business disruptions while accepting payments. Hence, state-of-the-art POS systems eliminate low-battery anxiety. In short, Android POS devices don’t need to always charge as they can function up to ten hours when full. The optimum battery capacity enables agents to accept payments in the field without worrying that the battery might die out.

Contactless Payments

The world has gradually transitioned from horrible queuing to contactless payments at any location. Whether in-store or during delivery, customers expect a quick and touchless experience. So, businesses have no other way to comply than adopt POS devices with contactless features. 

The latest Android POS systems accept all payment methods, including UPI, QR code, and remote SMS payment. Considering the speed at which people embrace digital payments, merchants must switch to advanced technology to gain a competitive edge.

Multi-Functional And Customisable

Smart POS Android devices can get tailored to suit various business needs. Thanks to their weight and connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cord, your staff can charge shoppers faster and hassle-free. Since it is adaptable, the terminal completes the billing process at counters, around stores and at clients’ doorsteps. Some retailers have stepped forward and set an Android POS machine in self-service kiosks as an extra income channel. 

Savvy Business Decisions

Ongoing and accurate insight into consumer habits and preferences is a valuable business growth tool. Understanding shopping behaviour helps you tailor offers and cater to the needs of your target audience. So, all you need to grow your enterprise is a flow of reliable data.

Retailers have a dashboard overview of all previous transactions on Android POS terminals. Plus, they have access to detailed reports across products and branches that create room for strategic decisions. 

Choose Elly Smart POS On Android For Seamless Transactions

Thanks to the intuitive interface and sleek design, Elly’s smart POS Android solutions are convenient for any business size. What is more, these portable devices can increase customer loyalty, modernise operations, and transform every purchase into an upsell. Besides boosted sales, our products offer numerous VAS solutions to generate more profit.

Our compact portable POS terminals are easy to use and offer secure payment acceptance via mobile and wireless connectivity. They boast extended flexibility and coverage needed to charge clients anytime, anywhere. Contact our professional team and get the best POS device for your business to streamline payment processes.

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