Pandemic Business Opportunities You Can’t Miss Out On!

Elly Team
October 1, 2021

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 came by surprise and affected every aspect of our lives. Without a doubt, it had a massive impact on the economy. Many big, global companies, small businesses, and start-ups suffered significantly due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic. However, every entrepreneur knows that in every crisis, new opportunities emerge. COVID-19 changed the way many businesses now operate, and it also created many new pandemic business opportunities. If you’re looking for an idea for a business opportunity to take advantage of, you’re in the right place! 

Which Industries Have Gained The Most During The COVID-19 Pandemic?  

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected businesses across many industries. However, while some companies were forced to shut down and some industries suffered significant losses, others have seen an increase in demand, sales, and profits. Due to the safety restrictions designed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, any industry offering digital services, delivery services, and entertainment has seen a significant spike in growth in the last two years.  

Since most companies decided to operate online, businesses such as e-learning platforms and remote working tools have gained a lot of interest. When restaurants, bars, and shops owners were forced to close their premises due to the COVID restrictions, they turned to pick up and delivery services to keep their businesses afloat. Another industry that has gained the most during the pandemic is the entertainment industry. With the lockdown affecting people worldwide, people started to spend more time watching series, playing video games, or looking for other forms of entertainment while staying home.  

7 Pandemic Business Opportunities You Can’t Miss  

Here is a list of seven pandemic business opportunities in various industries you can’t miss out on: 


The COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected the economy of every country in the world. As a result, most businesses stopped accepting cash as a way of payment and introduced an online shopping model. As cash is being used less and less and central banks worldwide are thinking about introducing a digital currency system, the cryptocurrency market has started gaining more and more interest. During 2020 and 2021, cryptocurrencies withstood the economic crash and proved extremely resilient, even in adverse circumstances. Therefore investing in cryptocurrency is one of the best pandemic business opportunities you cannot miss! 

Pick-Up & Delivery Business  

With the COVID-19 cases on the rise, restaurants and shops have been forced to operate only in pick-up or delivery mode. During 2020, the delivery services have seen an incredible increase in demand and had their hands full. Many stores and restaurants that didn’t offer a delivery option for their customers before the pandemic have now realized that providing a delivery service can significantly increase their profits, even after the pandemic is over. Starting a pick-up and delivery business is an excellent pandemic business opportunity that you will regret missing! 

Remote Applications 

With the schools, universities, gyms, and fitness centers closed due to the coronavirus, remote applications have become part of the “new normal”. So, if you’re looking for pandemic business opportunities, launching a remote application for e-learning, fitness, or wellness is an excellent idea with the potential to grow into a profitable business in a short period of time.  

Virtual Assistant Services  

One of the fastest-growing pandemic business opportunities is starting a virtual assistance business. Due to the fact that many companies have been forced to operate online, they are in growing need of people who can help them manage tasks digitally. Virtual assistants help businesses write newsletters, respond to e-mails, manage their social media accounts, and do other tasks necessary to grow a business online. You don’t need much to start one and when done correctly it can become a valuable income stream for individuals. 


E-Commerce Business  

Starting an e-commerce business is hands-down one of the most profitable pandemic business opportunities you can try today! Whether you are starting an e-commerce store from scratch or moving your existing physical retail store online, you will likely see your sales increasing by the day. Another idea with great potential is to use an already existing e-commerce marketplace, such as eBay or Etsy, to start your own virtual store.  

Cleaning Services Business  

Due to the constant increase in COVID-19 cases, many companies all around the world pay more attention to keeping their premises clean. The restrictions brought by the pandemic require businesses to constantly clean and disinfect all surfaces to minimize the chances of spreading the coronavirus. Because of that, many cleaning companies have seen an increased demand for their services and had to hire more people to keep up with them. Therefore, starting a cleaning services business has excellent potential and will likely keep receiving many customers even after the pandemic is over. 

Service-Based Or Consulting Business  

The COVID-19 pandemic has motivated a lot of people to rethink their career choices. With many businesses moving online, the pandemic has provided an excellent opportunity for many people to start offering their skills online to clients from all around the world. Services such as graphic design, app development, or copywriting have become more and more desirable. If you are an expert in areas such as finance, law, or marketing, you can start your own consulting business offering advice in these areas to other business owners seeking advice. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unpredictable changes in the way our world operates. If you’re thinking about starting your own business, the seven pandemic business opportunities mentioned above will help you navigate through the changes in the business world with confidence. Opportunities such as starting an e-commerce store, launching an e-learning app, or investing in cryptocurrency are excellent ways to create a business that will generate profits long after the pandemic is over. Regardless of the business, you plan on starting, visit to see how you can transform how your business and incorporate the newest payment tech into your business process.

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