How Can A QR Code Ordering System Increase Your Revenue?

Elly Team
August 15, 2021

How Can A QR Code Ordering System Increase Your Revenue?

The prolonged post-pandemic period forced many industries to rely on contactless ordering to get back on their feet. Attracting customers back into restaurants, beauty salons, and even healthcare centers have been a challenging feat.  

As a result, many dining places started introducing a QR code ordering system for table ordering and processing payments. From bars and hotels to cinemas and stadiums, contactless solutions are an ingenious way to help many businesses survive.

Besides the hygiene aspect, QR-powered code apps boast many other benefits compared to their paper counterparts. Let’s start with the background of the concept and why you should introduce a QR code scanning system to increase profits.

What Is A QR Code Ordering System?

QR code stands for ‘quick response’ and is a barcode that retrieves and provides information. Thanks to this technology, clients can use their cell phones to scan QR codes and order anything they want from a specific webpage. The system’s primary role is to direct customers to a menu, shopping cart, services, whatever your company sells or offers.  

Advanced versions of QR code ordering apps allow buyers to browse through images and descriptions of the items they’re considering. In addition to placing orders digitally, the system also allows cashless payments via preferred methods.

How Does QR Ordering Works?

The latest mobile phones come equipped with a QR code scanner integrated into the camera. Even if yours has no scanning feature, you can always download an app. The only thing you need to do is hold the device until the code appears in the viewfinder and shows a notification. Once you click on it, the link associated with the code will open, and you’re ready to order.

Below is a summary of how the ordering process flows for customers:

  1. Use your phone to scan the provided QR code,
  2. Select and place your order after browsing the menu,
  3. Pay the bill from your device and add a tip.

Back to the restaurant business, it’s ideal if the POS system has an integrated QR ordering property. This way, all received orders will hit the POS directly, and the system will redirect them to the kitchen. Conversely, if your POS lacks integration, placed orders will go to an order management device and then to the kitchen.

What Businesses Can Benefit QR-Based Systems?

Regardless of the business, you are running, the advantages of QR code ordering apps are undeniable. Here are a few sectors that can harvest the tremendous perks of QR code-based systems.

Restaurants & Bars

Hygiene is reason number one why QR codes are facing resurgent interest. For instance, digital menus on tables can replace filthy paper menus that change hundreds of hands every day.

Second, QR code solutions enable the service industry greater flexibility. Bars and restaurants can frequently revise their inventory and alter menus depending on seasonal changes and sudden spikes in demand and traffic.

Healthcare Institutions

QR scanning apps can benefit the healthcare industry by tying patient Identification and health records to a code. By doing so, medical staff can access the needed information with a quick scan and error-free. The system will further allow patient follow-up information. QR codes can also contain visit summaries, suggested diets, medications, and appointments for easier patient management.

In pharmacies, prescription drugs can come with QR codes that provide safety information, side effects, and warnings. Moreover, QR-coded medical equipment can include maintenance recommendations, storage and operating instructions, and troubleshooting tips.


Teachers and tutors can also harness the power of QR codes. One of the ways involves gathering and publishing piles of papers, notes, syllabi, and presentations online. Next, you encode the URL in the code and share it with the students.

Some colleges and universities have gone a step further and installed a QR code system at the entrance. Scanned students get a spreadsheet to enter their names for attendance.  

Upsides Of Using QR Ordering Systems

From social distancing to increased revenue, introducing a QR code ordering system is a wise business decision. Here are six convincing reasons to make the transition.

No Menu Sharing

A QR code menu in restaurants will reduce the number of items customers touch when dining. There’s no need for a group of people to toss menus around as they decide what to take.  

Reduced Contact  

Restaurant owners can limit the contact between staff and customers. The only direct interaction will come down to waiters delivering food to the tables.

Increased Order Values

Consumers spend more money when ordering online due to the lack of pressure to decide quickly. This way, diners and shoppers feel at ease to add items during meals, treatments, and other experiences. Figures show that the average order value can increase by 30% with embedding a QR code ordering system into your operations.

No Printing Costs

No money down the drain for updated menu versions means more profit for the business. Thanks to digital menus, all changes get introduced in a few minutes without extra expenses.

Faster Table Turnover

Businesses strive to serve as many customers as possible without making them feel rushed out the door. With this solution, customers can scan the QR code menu as soon as they sit or even ahead of sitting down.

Improved Customer Experience

QR code ordering makes selecting products and services quick and easy. There is no miscommunication between waiters and diners and no forgetting to write items down.

How Is Technology Changing Consumer Habits?

Businesses can reconnect consumers with their products and services by offering a dependable QR code ordering system. Whether you’re into the hospitality, marketing, logistics, production, or shipping industry, this solution has benefits for everyone.

Are you interested in finding out more about the benefits of Elly POS and contactless ordering for your business? Check the tech solutions developed by Elly and learn how to accept various digital payments. We’ll make sure to offer you a package tailored to your company’s needs.

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