Decrease Your Frustration Over Customer Support Services By Avoiding These Mistakes

Elly Team
March 16, 2022

Businesses offering their product or services need to function like a well-oiled machine. Their development team needs to create the best product on the market, their financial department must make sure that all their finances are under control, the marketing team needs to put out the perfect message in the right tone of voice, their sales representatives need to feel their customers’ needs, speak their language, and know their competition. And last but not least, their customer support must be aware of every change, every bit of information, every procedure, and every glitch. At the same time, they need to be extremely responsive and understanding to all their clients.

The reality is that support teams are frequently overlooked and sometimes even treated as less important in comparison to other business departments. However, customer support services are often the straw that breaks the camel’s back. 

Just think about it… when users turn to customer support, they are usually experiencing some sort of difficulties with a product or a service. They need assistance and most of the time they need it fast. An experienced support team will swiftly respond to their troubles and deliver detailed answers on how to sort out the relevant issue. If a telephone call doesn’t suffice, the support team will make sure to send a representative to the user’s location and resolve the issue in person. Users will be satisfied with the offered support, their trust towards the product provider will grow and the word about their product or services will spread organically. 

On the other hand, bad customer support will let its users down when they need their help the most. Lack of basic product information, unresponsiveness, unfulfilled promises, and unprofessional attitude will inevitably lead to bad reviews and loss of clients. 

The uncomfortable moment when a POS terminal malfunctions

The FinTech sector is one of those fields where trust is of utmost importance. Companies that provide Point-of-sale solutions are promising reliable monetary services that will help clients’ businesses grow and will provide a trustworthy customer experience. Their clients are mostly merchants or restaurant and bar owners who are looking for fast, reliable, and hassle-free solutions. If a POS terminal malfunction, the issue needs to be resolved quickly. When a payment gets stalled, customers react negatively. And annoyed customers are bad for business. So, what do business owners do in such cases? They call for support.

What gets merchants frustrated when dealing with customer support?

We analyzed numerous complaints that have been raised by business owners regarding their current POS provider. Even though each client experiences a specific scenario, in the end, their main issue is always bad support. 

  • Unresponsiveness

The biggest pain point when dealing with support services is the response rate. Business owners need to wait a ridiculous amount of time before receiving an answer via phone or email from support teams. According to numerous reviews, certain support teams can take a couple of days or even weeks to answer email requests. Their live chats are alive only in theory, while in practice the only thing alive about them is the blinking availability button at the top of the chatbox. 

If clients do receive a reply, it is often a general one “Thank you for contacting us… We will look into this issue…”  These are then followed with a silence which can span to another couple of days. There have also been some accounts where clients never heard back from the Support.

In real life, a bartender whose POS device freezes in the middle of a transaction needs a fast solution and doesn’t have time to wait on the phone, listening that he is number 5 in a queue. What is more, he doesn’t have time to search for support contacts, and it seems like certain POS providers make it incredibly difficult for merchants to find their contact details.

Unprofessional behavior 

Business owners are also understandably frustrated with the level of professionalism when speaking with Support representatives. Their approach is often improper, from the informal register and low English skills to barely understandable emails. 

Some support teams could also use some optimization as they keep asking their clients for the same documentation checks over and over again.

  • Lack of information

Information is key in every situation. It is not a good sign if the Support team replies to its clients that they cannot advise them anymore. Another unsettling example is when individual members of the same Support team give their clients different answers regarding the product.

Support services need to be as transparent as possible, including possessing the knowledge of any change that happened in its company’s processes. From changes in transaction fees to known software issues and additional service availability. If it’s connected to the product, the Support team needs to be aware of it.

  • Loss of trust

The unresponsiveness, unprofessional behavior, and lack of information all lead to the same result – loss of trust. If we combine these issues with instances where clients experience unauthorized transactions in their accounts or are refused refunds or settlements, business owners are right to be concerned about using the product for future payments.

After researching multiple reviews of different POS providers on the UK market, one stood out as a great recap of all described support issues: “When it’s good it’s good! When it is down, they are useless.” 

Elly Support Team is recognized as one of the top Support Services on the market

The support team behind Elly POS and the GoCrypto payment network is known for its professional approach, detailed overview, and optimized assistance. It is distributed into two levels. 

The first level of support strives to answer at least 80% of all calls in less than 30 seconds. They offer assistance to their clients seven days a week via phone calls, live chat, or email. To make the client’s life easier, the support contact number is written on the Elly POS device itself. 

When Elly’s Support team receives a call, they try to gather as much information as possible and they make sure to deliver very detailed answers back to their clients. Most issues are resolved by phone. If there was a case where a phone call would not be enough to solve the merchant’s problem, Elly’s Support team would send one of their local representatives to the location and help their client out in person. 

Elly’s second level of support reviews applications, onboarding requests, and other documentation. They cooperate with the first level on all relevant information, including POS device dispatches, and supply availability. They also set up guidelines for support and update the corresponding web pages with frequently asked questions. 

Elly’s first response is extremely fast, usually measured in a couple of minutes. The support team is characterized as extremely responsive, professional, kind, and above all very informative. They strive to deliver the best response possible in the shortest amount of time and try to include detailed procedure descriptions with added links and images.

Elly’s users can send feedback to the Support team through live chat on the GoCrypto website, the onboarding page, and via the dashboard system Elly manager. 

Their current satisfaction rate reached an amazing 94%!

How does our support team excel?

They have an abundance of experience and an enormous drive to solve problems. They are highly responsive and willing to help their clients. They know how to listen to the client’s issues, are very empathetic, and can put themselves in the merchant’s shoes. They actively pay attention to every individual merchant and their specific issue.

Elly’s Support Team working hours depend on the country where business owners are stationed. All contact information and business hours are available on the Elly's website.

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